Get To Know The Amazing Cast & Characters Of Tripling Season 3

Tripling was one of the first web series made in India. A simplistic storyline about three siblings taking an unintended, unplanned road trip made for a watch that brought smiles and laughter. The third season of the incredibly popular series is expected to have more drama and fun than its previous two, which were also huge successes. Tripling Season 3 is slated to premiere on ZEE5 on October 21.

Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo, and Amol Parashar will reprise their lead roles in the new season. Directed by Neeraj Udhwani and created-produced by Arunabh Kumar, the series also stars Kumud Mishra, Shehnaz Patel, and Kunaal Roy Kapur in significant roles. So, let's get up close and personal to get to know the cast and their characters better.

Tripling Season 3: Cast

  • Sumeet Vyas as Chandan

The oldest of the three siblings in the Tripling series, Chandan, is portrayed by Sumeet Vyas. Chandan was shown in the first season as a recently divorced, jobless man who had a poor connection with his siblings. In season 2, he becomes the author of the bestselling book ‘Tripling,’ which is about him and his siblings. However, the new season will focus on his parents as he joins his family on an adventurous trek.

  • Amol Parashar as Chitwan

Amol Parashar plays the well-known character Chitwan. He is the youngest sibling, who has a freewheeling and goofy demeanor. The character underwent a significant transformation, from running away from debt collectors and jamming to the ‘Mada Faka’ song to being a responsible father in season 2. It would be interesting to see what is new with this character in season 3.

  • Maanvi Gagroo as Chanchal

Chanchal, played by Maanvi Gagroo, is the middle kid and the only girl child of the Sharma family. She is a modern woman married into a royal household who tries to adjust to an updated lifestyle after marriage while managing her relationship with her husband, Pranav. Chanchal will be back with her siblings, this time to mend their parents’ relationship.

  • Kunaal Roy Kapur as Pranav(Chanchal’s husband)

Kunaal’s character Pranav belongs to an influential royal family in Rajasthan. In season 1, he struggles to take on the royal responsibilities bestowed upon him. And in the second season, he is requested to resign from the post of MLA and ends up in Gangtok as a monk. All because Chandan, his brother-in-law hinted at him being impotent in his book, Tripling. It’ll be interesting to see what part he plays in this family drama in season 3.

  • Shernaz Patel as Charu(Mother)

The character Charu Sharma is played by Shernaz Patel. She is the mother to Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitwan and wife to Chinmay. The new season deals with Charu, and Chinmay’s separation, followed by a family trek.

  • Kumud Mishra as Chinmay(Father)

Kumud Mishra as Chinmay Sharma is a caring father to the three siblings and husband to Charu. However, in this season, the parents decide to go their separate ways and inform the siblings about the same. Charu and Chinmay will now accompany their children on a bit of adventure to self-discovery and more.

Now that you are well aware of the characters, you will know what to expect in Tripling Season 3. The comedy-drama series will be available to stream on ZEE5 Global from October 21, 2022, onwards.

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