What Is A Studio Condo And Who Are They Suitable For?

When looking for property to rent or buy, it’s always important to understand the distinction between the many property types. For example: do you know what a studio condo is? And how does it differ from a regular one-bedroom apartment? In this article, we’re going to define what a studio condo is and who this type of property is most suitable for. Here’s what you need to know…

What is a studio condo?

A studio is defined as a self-contained unit that houses everything in a single room space except for the bathroom. In essence, you will have a large bedroom area with a kitchenette attached—often separated by some sort of divider—and a small lounge / TV area. 

Condos can range anywhere in size from 30 / 40sqm upwards of several hundred. Any larger than that and bedrooms tend to be separate and the traditional condo is upgraded to a one or two-bedroom apartment.

The design and layout of a studio is very important, given how everything is housed in one single area. As such, it’s critical that the open-plan layout functions well and offers enough separation between areas, while promoting a healthy amount of space – so as not to feel too choked or cluttered. 

Who is a studio condo suitable for? 

Ideally, a studio condo should house a single person. Certainly, it is possible for a couple to live in a studio apartment quite comfortably, however, the lack of a second room means that when at home, couples are forced to spend all of their time together and are rarely able to enjoy their own space. 

Some people compare living in a studio condo as living in a trailer – however, trailers often have a separate bedroom. 

If you are particularly close with your partner and enjoy being in one another’s company often, a studio condo is suitable. However, it is often recommended that you seek a larger apartment, such as a one-bedroom condo. In this case, you can enjoy some degree of separation when you want to do your own thing. 

A studio condo is perfectly suited to a single individual living on their own. Most of the standard studio condos in Bangkok provide plenty of space, have excellent furnishing, and are available in condominiums which offer a wide variety of other facilities, such as a swimming pool, fitness room, and cleaning services. 

Take Kave Tu in Bangkok as the perfect example; there are a wide range of luxury studio apartments available both for sale and rent, providing singles and close couples an excellent and affordable living situation. 


To conclude: 

  • A studio condo is defined as being as a self-contained unit that houses everything in a single room space except for the bathroom.
  • Studio condos are perfect for single individual’s living alone (e.g., students, young professionals, bachelors, travellers / digital nomads, etc.). 

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