Making the Right Choice for Project Management Software


As project manager, the buck stops with you when it comes to choosing which project management software to choose. There are many options out in the market and these options might be confusing if you do not know what you are looking for. For starters, your project management software must be compatible with the two most popular operating systems; Windows and Mac Os. This compatibility ensures there is functionality and utility for you as a project manager and there is compatibility of output for your clients. The following factors must be put into consideration before settling on a project management software or project management tool. 

  1. Clear and Robust Role Management.

Project Management software need to be clear on the roles of each member and the distinctive responsibilities in a team. The project manager is at the top and he oversees all the other roles in an hierarchical structure. This structure allows the software to assign deadlines and streamline roles of each member. 

  1. Clear communication and Collaboration

Instant messaging is fast becoming a key aspect in project management software. Unlike other communication tools, instant messaging provides a record of conversation and allows team members to contribute on given topics and events. 

  1. Visibility and Transparency

The project’s salient features should be visible to all who are involved in the project, unless there are sensitive administrative functions that can be locked as confidential. However, from the top to the bottom, there should be a high visibility and access to functions, information, and these should be accessible to the core personnel.

Steps to Implementing your Project Management Software

Implementing a project management software requires a affinity towards change. No matter the circumstance, such a change should be received positively and implementation should follow the following path:

  1. Review the Current System

There is a rationale for change and therefore you should review the previous/current system to examine faults and areas of possible review. With the help of your team, you should be able to establish opportunities in a new project management software. 

  1. Provide Sufficient Warning

As much as change is difficult, it is inevitable and everyone in the team should be prepared for drastic changes when new software is implemented. There will be risk of shock, but to overset this, you should prepare your team to expect drastic changes by setting implementation deadlines in advance.

  1. Streamline your communication

Be very open and transparent by clearly communicating every aspect of the transition. Your team will want to know the rationale for choosing the new project management software and when they should expect it to be operational. Such open communication is key to enhanced collaboration.

  1. Manage Expectations

You should expect a high level of stress since transitioning people to a new method of doing things is not easy. You will need to manage stress by being a cool and calm person.

  1. Invest in Training

Nearly everything will be new and your team will need to learn all the basics of the project management software through professional training. Therefore, invest in a great training service to ensure your entire team moves together as one.  

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