Pros and Cons of Renting and Buying Trailers

Lacking the right equipment can make transporting even a modest load or small cargo into a far more difficult undertaking. 

While purchasing a trailer outright can provide greater overall value and eliminate any concerns regarding availability, a short-term rental may afford superior flexibility and greater cost savings. 

When it comes to deciding whether to rent or purchase, comparing the potential pros and cons can often be the best approach to take.

Cost and Value

While purchasing a trailer outright often provides the best overall value, the higher up-front costs can be a real burden for those who are working within the confines of a limited budget. 

Trailers that may only see occasional use and equipment options that may be problematic to store or maintain may prove to be a questionable investment. 

Likewise, equipment rental may prove to be too expensive or inconvenient when it comes to situations that require frequent transport and trailers that are expected to see heavy use.


Lacking access to the trailers and other essential transportation equipment can easily result in a potential bottleneck. 

While owning a trailer outright helps to eliminate any concerns regarding equipment availability, short-term rental options may still be beneficial in situations where shipping demand and transport requirements may outstrip the available resources. 

Knowing where to turn in order to find the best equipment options and transport solutions can be an important concern, regardless of whether you elect not to purchase your own trailer or require rental options to expand the capacity of your existing fleet.


Circumstances and shipping requirements can often change quite quickly. Businesses that lack the equipment needed to better adapt to a changing situation could find themselves at a real disadvantage. Access to a full selection of walking floor trailers for rent can help to ensure that even unexpected situations can be handled more easily. 

Trailer rental options can be an essential resource when dealing with issues like last-minute transport orders or fluctuating demand. Lacking the right trailer for the job at hand can lead to all sorts of problems that businesses would do well to avoid.

Storage and Upkeep

Maintaining even a modest fleet of trailers and transport equipment can involve time, labor and financial resources that may be in short supply. Leasing equipment as needed helps to eliminate many of the additional costs and other expenses associated with trailer ownership. 

Businesses that may have only limited physical space with which to park and store trailers may also be better served by choosing to rent. While owning a trailer outright can often provide a superior long-term value, storage and upkeep costs along with other associated expenses could end up costing businesses more than they might expect.

When it comes to ensuring a successful transport, having access to the right equipment is an issue of paramount importance. According to the experts at Hale Trailer, "even your most daunting loads are easy to transport" when you use the right vehicle. The superior ease, convenience and flexibility that short-term rentals are able to provide can often provide the best solution.

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