Fear of Public Speaking increases with age.

You might be one of the parents whose children hide behind you when it comes to public speaking. And, it is common among most children as not everyone is born with an impressive and confident public speaking talent.

However, what might be confusing for you is that your otherwise brilliant child becomes paranoid when it is time to stand in front of the microphone and address the audience. In other cases, you might be confused by the fact that your child who was so good at public speaking earlier has grown anxious about it with their growing age.

Public Speakinganxiety is common, and a study shows that around 75% of the world's population suffers from glossophobia or public speaking anxiety. Therefore, don't consider your child as the only one lacking this skill.

"Public speaking is, according to most research, people's greatest dread. The second factor is death. Number two is death. Does that make sense? It suggests that the average person would rather be in the casket than deliver the eulogy at a funeral." - Jerry Seinfeld.

You must have been perplexed by the above quote. But, as bizarre as it may sound, it is correct! Speaking in front of a crowd affects an estimated 75 percent of the population.

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If you notice something similar with your child, then the best way to make your child overcome this fear is by making them familiar with Public Speaking lessons. The current school programs consider public speaking as a core value, and there are recurring situations when your child will come across such conditions. In addition, classroom presentation, addressing a seminar, and such other events are traditional in the school curriculum, so you definitely don't want your kid to feel paranoid in such situations, right?

Moreover, any awkward situation during such a program will further lead to anxiety and crush their confidence for future endeavors. Therefore, Public Speaking coaches are a wise and feasible option to help your son/daughter work on this fear. If you want to enroll your children in a Public Speaking program, you can try out the 98thPercentile's webinar on public speaking fear and anxiety introduced for the children of grades 3-8. The best part is there are no registration fees to attend the webinar. It can be the first step for your kid to overcome the fear of speaking in front of others.

Additionally, it is crucial to check your children's communication or group speaking skills from an early age. Statistics show that 89.4% of people with social anxiety have public speaking fears, and 90% of people report shyness while addressing a group of people. And as said earlier, the fear of speaking in public grows with age; hence if you can detect your kid's public speaking fear at an early age, it would be better to take the necessary steps immediately.

Public Speaking therapy will train your children to get comfortable in such situations. Moreover, they will no longer feel paranoid or will experience a blackout. Additionally, you can help your child get comfortable with public speaking by preparing the script beforehand, as sometimes children get anxious due to lack of preparation. Being supportive with your kid throughout the journey will definitely help them get confident and become better speakers.

It is normal to feel scared when hundreds of eyes stare at your face while you go out there speaking but don't let this fear turn into anxiety among your children. Apart from making preparations, tell your children that it is normal to make mistakes and skip a few words or a few lines. But this should not let them stop. The motto is to keep going even if the speech or presentation is not perfect; the audience will not judge them.

Also, make them familiar with a few Public Speaking playbooks, and eventually, you will see your child becoming a better public speaker. But remember to take early action and not ignore the issue. For a smooth and easy start, you can join the 98thPercentile public speaking webinar and take the first step towards fighting your child's fear of speaking in front of people. 

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