Significance of Yoga and Meditation in School

The art of living lies in how you sketch your day in a way that enhances your quality. This includes keeping your mental, physical and emotional wheels in a balanced position. As a student, it is smart to analyze the various problems you encounter and make circumstances easier. 

Mental health issues are a great concern in today’s context. Depression, anxiety, and fear of missing out are some common issues of the younger generation. As a way to overcome such undesirable conditions, yoga and meditation have become very popular lately. In fact, they have a number of physical, mental, and psychological benefits if practiced right from the school days.


Yoga can be defined simply as taking control over your body through self-realization. It was first practiced thousands of years ago in India. It is believed that yoga is a process of spiritual development. When it comes to children at school, yoga helps them to push the pause button to their monotonous class hours and create a refresh mode. The practice of yoga has become more prevalent in western countries. They have supposedly seen their students doing well in major parts of the school activities after implementing yoga. Here are a few important benefits of yoga for students-

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Academic Performance

Research has shown that yoga helps improve students' attention and memory. It also decreases academic stress, thus helping them perform with good grades.

Emotion Regulation

With the introduction of several exams and increased competition to clear them, students are expected to develop stress. Yoga helps the students to get the negative thoughts out and aid in self-regulation.

Physical Fitness

As it is the body which you work within yoga, it improves several physical qualities. Some of them include — balance, strength, and flexibility. It is also believed that yoga brings longevity to your life.


Meditation, also known as mindfulness, is an activity of focusing the mind on a particular object, thus achieving awareness. First of all, the act of sitting for long at one place instills discipline and patience into a student. It makes you attentive and aware of your inner self. It also enhances expanded thinking, practical intelligence, and IQ level. Not only that, but it also has positive implications for students who are drug addicts. More than anything, it calms your mind and body, in turn bringing peace. This encourages the students to remain confident and efficient for a protracted time.

It is the duty of all the schools to conduct regular yoga and meditation sessions at school. The Shri Ram School (TSRS), one of the top international schools in Gurgaon, has seen a good percentage rise in their school performance as a result of yoga and meditation.

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