Living in a small space with the right four-legged cuddle buddy

Most often than not, people living in apartments cry over the fact that they cannot keep a dog. What many do not know is that there are many dog breeds who are absolutely comfortable to live in a small space, particularly apartments and studios.

Yes, it is true that adopting a dog today does not always require a mandatory large open lawn or garden. There are many breeds who do not require much space to live in or do every day.

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The perfect dog breeds for living in apartments and studios include -

Lhasa Apso - this non-sporting breed is highly intelligent and very social in nature. They live for 12 to 15 yrs on average.

Havanese - this long-coated national dog of Cuba is a playful and funny breed that is known for its adamant and boisterously playful nature.

Greyhound - They are huge and frightening to look at. But in reality, they are the best possible lap dog you will ever find. These gentle giants hate everything except being alap cuddle buddy

Dachshund - they are small and they have a weird elongated body. But they are excellent guard dogs because of their brave and alert nature.

Pugs - One of the most recognizable breeds, pugs are perfect for apartment living. Extremely affectionate and playful, pugs can live up to 15 yrs

Shiba Inu - If you are neatness obsessed then this breed is perfect for you. Known for their extremely clean appearance at all time, Shiba Inu is a very loyal and affectionate breed

Bichon Frise - The perfect dog for lazy people, this breed hardly requires any exercise. They rarely shed even though they are a furry ball like in appearance.

Besides these dogs, there are numerous other breeds like Basenji, British Bulldogs, Welsh Corgi, Maltese, Poodle, etc, that are suitable for small space living.

If you truly want to bring home a dog and you have limited space feel free to choose from this amazing list of dogs. They are paw-fect as companions and therapists as well. There is no joy greater than coming home to an eagerly waiting partner who loves you unconditionally.

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