How Masonic regalia play great role in Freemasonry rituals

Freemasons are considered as the extensions of Stonemasonry tribe and the Knight Templar. Rituals are carried out in Freemasonry to physicalize their beliefs, desires and commitments. These rituals help members of the fraternity to connect to their chosen community and the Supreme Being. Members wear different types of Masonic regalia and these are often used in rituals and ceremonies.

Importance of rituals and ceremonies in Freemasonry

For learning the basics

It takes years for a member to truly become proficient in all the ceremonies involved, considering the number of rituals and the depth of history and beliefs that are associated with them. A number of rituals follow as every Mason ascends to each chair in the Lodge. At each level, these series of rituals has to be learned as well.

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The best way of having a learning of all the rituals, the member has to carefully observe the Lodge meetings and ceremonies and also notice how each role and part is played. The member can also do further research in order to find out more about the origin of each ritual and what they symbolize for better understanding.

If a member is an Entered Apprentice or a Fellow Craft, it isn’t required for them to learn about ritual work. They are performed only by Master Masons. The member who holds the rank of Master Mason can gradually learn these rituals by start observing them during the Lodge meetings. The person may also request for a Masonic mentor who can guide them through each process so that when their time comes to hold the position, they are already ready.

Degree of Master Mason

Once a Mason has reached the rank of the Master Mason, he can start finding out more about the rituals and how the Masonic regalia is properly used. Every Lodge has designated mentors who can guide the present Worshipful Master. These mentors are usually the Past Masters who have not only mastered the rituals but also has deeper knowledge about the history of the Lodge. 

Members wear special pieces of garments and accessories known as regalia to show their pride and dedication towards their fraternity. It is considered truly an honor by the members in being able to wear Masonic regalia. Regalia usually refer to items such as aprons, rings, pocket watch, hats, pendants, Masonic Cufflinks, gloves, jewels and many others which are worn by the members on daily and special gatherings. They signify which Lodge, order, degree, office or station the member belongs to. Each regalia piece is crafted carefully and reflects the meaningful symbols on them.

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