How Can Individuals Play Their Part to Promote Safer, Sounder Neighborhood?

As the COVID-19 pandemic proceeds to spread and individuals are forced to remain at home, laborers are losing their jobs, healthcare systems are being stressed, local businesses are in danger of shutting permanently, and the nation is bracing for a downturn. The emergency has exposed the inequities and injustices that undermine individuals' prosperity, safety, and lives.

In the midst of these uncertain and challenging times, the major concerns that arise are how the country should respond in the present moment to keep all individuals safe and the economy above water? What approaches could help all recuperate in a manner that is comprehensive and fair? Additionally, how might families and communities become stronger to worldwide health and economic stuns? Yet, the major of all is to manage the issues resulting from lost employment.

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The pandemic's financial and wellbeing impacts are worsening the country's affordable housing and vagrancy crises—adding more low-income tenants to the large numbers already in danger of eviction and homelessness and expanding racial differences in housing precariousness. As states and territories assign emergency rental help funds to assist tenants with trying not to lose their homes, there is a rise of another issue, the threat to local and neighborhood security.

The chances of hazards are higher for specific groups, especially Black, Indigenous, and Latinx tenants. These groups have been generally and methodically barred from housing and financial opportunities and face more prominent health and financial crises from COVID-19. The local neighborhoods’ trends are depicting a staggering jump in certain crimes during the global pandemic. The greatest increases have been reported in violent crimes, particularly murder, aggravated assault, and shooting incidents.

The report by the Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ) represents an astonishing 53% rise in homicides in the same period when compared to the previous year. While the data by the FBI shows an ascent of 4.6% in aggravated assaults, while gun violence remained to be relentless in major cities like New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

Additionally, according to data from the Auto Club of Southern California, of the city of Angels, LA, there is an increase of 22% in vehicle theft in the first six months of 2020. FBI further reflects that California ranked on top among all the states when it comes to auto crimes. The 19 out of 24 police stations in California have reported an increase in grand theft auto. The law enforcement offices emphasize that though summer is always the peak season for vehicle theft, the pandemic adds fuel to the fire, as more drivers are stuck at home at the hands of lockdown.

Community Watch Paper, online public and home security, community-based publication platform, has thereby stepped up its game to create awareness among Californians. The California-based non-profit public safety and organization was founded in 2010 by William Smith, former neighborhood patrol security officer, and John Young, former enforcement officer. The publication stresses that people show negligence when it comes to neighborhood security and thus strives to provide spot-on tools and guides to empower neighborhood communities against threats and thefts.

Indulging in various community watch programs throughout his career, William was committed to bringing forth a platform for people worldwide, equipping them with the RIGHT information to make their community safer. At Community Watch Paper, you can find a wide range of blogs, articles, tools, and guidelines to form the best community watch program for your area explicitly. With over three decades of experience in law enforcement, William & John collaborate to fix everything that is wrong when it comes to neighborhood security, making people alert to live a safer life with their families and neighbors in a community. If your area is vulnerable to various crimes and heinous activities during the pandemic, keep a constant eye on Community Watch Paper. You can successfully forestall such events from happening by utilizing their tidbits.

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