Does My Car Insurance Cover Me in Mexico?

A road trip sounds like a great vacation idea especially when you reside just a few cities away from the border of Mexico. However, if you wish to drive into Mexico with an American or Canadian registered vehicle, you must be aware of Mexico auto insurance laws to avoid insurance mishaps ruining your travel plans.

Does Your Car Insurance Work in Mexico?

As per insurance laws, U.S. or Canadian auto insurance is not valid in Mexico. It may only cover vehicles in Mexico for a distance of 12-16 miles from the US-Mexico border (“Free Zone”).

If you intend to drive further south of the border, you must first obtain Mexican auto insurance. Another document required to drive outside of the Free Zone is a Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit.

If you do not carry proper documentation, you may face criminal and financial consequences.

It does not matter if you travel to Mexico frequently or only a few times a year; you must have a comprehensive—or, at the very least, a Mexican liability insurance policy.

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Policy Coverage

Because of the differences in insurance laws between the U.S. and Mexico, having Mexico Auto Insurance is necessary to avoid criminal penalties.

The policy should ideally be purchased before embarking on the Mexico trip and should include the following provisions:

  • Coverage for theft or physical damage
  • Third-party liability coverage
  • Medical expenses
  • Legal support
  • Roadside assistance

Note: If you are found driving or get into an accident while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you risk voiding your coverage.

Plan Ahead and Plan Right

Contact West Coast Global Insurance Services to discuss the limits, deductibles, and other terms for the most comprehensive coverage for a Mexico-registered vehicles and U.S.-registered vehicles. West Coast Global Insurance Services provide a safe and secure way to activate your Mexico insurance in just a few easy steps as they provide a variety of benefits for their clients when driving across the border. They can also cater if you have Mexico Registered Vehicle and is looking for a long-term Auto Insurance for Mexico.

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