Covering your face with a surgical face mask or KN95 five face mask save your life

 We have reached to the mid of year 2021, and yet we are going through the third wave of pandemic. The pandemic which jolted the whole world, is still on the go, displaying its many colors by mutating the genetic code of virus. Thus the vaccine is now available everywhere, and the majority is getting vaccinated, but still, the danger is not over yet, we still need to follow all the SOPs. The SOPs which we all are much aware of, by now, maintaining social distance, staying sanitized by washing hands and covering your face with a surgical face mask.

Surgical face mask are the life saviors in true sense

The surgical face mask are truly the life saviors, they protect you from getting infected, and taking precautions is the only solution to stay safe. Everybody had to wear a surgical face mask which led to their shortage in the market. Many people used surgical face mask which were made of two layers only. A two layered surgical face mask has only two layers of spun bond, the light weight and breezy fabric used in almost every surgical face mask. Spunbond cannot act as a filter, hence the mask made of two layers of spun bond is not recommended, especially when we are in the middle of pandemic.

Three layered surgical face mask gives better protection            

The three layered surgical face mask has a third layer of Melt blown fabric in the middle. Melt blown layer does all the work, as it filters every germ, and doesn’t allow them to reach your nose or mouth. Three layered surgical face mask is recommended and preferred upon a two layered one for your better protection.

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Medbarrier manufactures surgical face mask and KN95 face mask providing you best protection

Medbarrier is one of the companies which make best surgical face mask and KN95 face mask under controlled and hygienic environment. Surgical face mask are the best if made of three layers, but for better protection, you can use KN95 face mask, which is made of five layers.

The five layers of KN95 face mask    

KN95 face mask has five layers. The first two layers are of non-woven fluid resistant fabric, under these there are other two layers of hot air cotton, and then in the middle of all these layers is the melt blown fabric layer. KN95 face mask is used in places, which are considered as the hub of the virus spread. The paramedics and doctors who work in hospitals and directly come in contact with affected people, wear KN95 face mask, because it provides them with extreme protection from the relentless virus.

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Medbarrier’s exclusive range for kids

Medbarrier provides surgical face mask for everyone as it launched its new range of face mask exclusively for kids. The kid’s size surgical face masks fit perfectly on the little noses of the children, and provide them extreme protection with comfort, earlier of which the kids were deprived of, due to the ill-fitted surgical face mask. Now, with Medbarrier, the parents don’t have to worry about their kid’s safety. Go and grab your Medbarrier surgical face mask from your nearest store or order the face mask online. 

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