Checklist To Follow When Hosting Your Next Virtual Career Fair

Pandemic has put an END to most in-person recruiting events and career fairs, which were once considered one of the best ways to find great talent and professionals to explore career development opportunities.
However, with the increasing influence of digitalisation and innovation of virtual career fair platforms, virtual employee engagement platforms and virtual job software, the in-person career fairs are now replaced by hybrid career fairs and virtual career fairs.
Right from gigantic government organisations and corporates to small institutions and private firms, most recruitment professionals prefer to use virtual career fair platforms to find new talent and the best employee engagement software to develop and maintain the interest level of existing employees.
So, if you are also an event company, recruiting professional or an organisation that is planning to host a virtual career fair using a virtual career fair platform or a virtual job fair software, here is a checklist that will help you host a fair and achieve your desired objectives;

1. Set Your Goals:
In-person career fairs or virtual career fairs are primarily organised to discover new talent, recruit for open positions, network and create a talent bank for the future or even explore opportunities available in the market. Deciding on the goal of your career fair will help you identify the right target audience for your fair and create a goal-oriented strategy to achieve your goal.
2. Identify The Features:
Keeping the decided goals in mind, you need to identify the kind of features you require in your virtual career fair platform. Whether you are filtering the applicants according to the desired criteria, establishing live communication or sharing live maps and event updates, you need to identify your needs. If you have your required features, it will make your job easy and help you achieve your desired goals.
3. Fix A Budget:
For some, budget is always a constraint, and for some, budget is never a constraint. Identify the category you belong to and fix an amount you can spend on your virtual career fair platform with all the features you require to accomplish your objectives.
4. Select The Platform/Software:
Now that you know your goals and features, you need to compare all the available virtual career fair platforms, virtual employee engagement platforms, or virtual job fair software and select the one with all the features you need and fits in your budget.
5. Identify Your Target Audience:
According to the goal you have decided, identify your ideal target audience based on your desired criteria like educational qualification, age, location, gender, experience etc.
6. Plan Your Virtual Career Fair:
Keeping in mind the personality, interests, expectations, hierarchy and availability of your target audience, select the dates, timings, theme, look and feel, content, team and flow of the fair.
7. Promote Your Fair:
Now that you have decided on almost everything about your virtual career fair, it’s time to market it to its target audience. One should execute marketing campaigns to reach the desired target audience, grab their attention, convey the message, highlight the benefits, and convince them to attend your virtual career fair.
8. Manage The Registrations:
Welcome the registered attendees with customised collaterals, giving them all the required details about the fair, its flow and its highlights to help them identify their priorities and plan the day.
9. Pre Event Follow-Up:
Out of sight, out of mind. Keep the audience engaged and reminded with regular reminders and follow-ups about your virtual career fair.
10. Post Event Feedback:
Make your attendees feel acknowledged by thanking them for attending your virtual career fair and also make them feel valued by asking their feedback about the fair, which will help you plan and execute a better career fair the next time.
Now that you have the checklist to host a perfect virtual career fair using a virtual career fair platform, start preparing for your next fair and make it a memorable one for yourself and your attendees.

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