6 Key Features of Flipbook Software for Mac

This article talks about flipbook software for Mac, Further, it talks about its key features.

The publishing industry has been transformed a lot since the advent of flipbook software for Mac or page-turning software. The software has changed everything about publications. People no longer have to cope with the tedious PDF files.

Now, with the help of the software, people can flip pages of online publications exactly like the pages of paperbound publications. The flipping effect of digital publications has made the reading experience engaging and fun.

Not only the publishers but also people from different backgrounds can avail of this software program. Students, creatives, marketers, manufacturers, the list is very long. Business owners can use this software to increase their profits.

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You might be thinking about how this software program is so beneficial for you. Foremost, you need to know that publications created using this software are enticing. They are loaded with special and interactive features, which can attract more prospective customers to your business.

Some of the features of flipbook software for Mac are described below.

Convert your traditional publications or PDF files into a digital publication (magazines, brochures, catalogs, etc.) and attract more customers to your business by using the below-given features of the software.

  1. Video integration feature of flipbook software for Mac

Videos are liked by everyone. Videos in your publication can grab the attention of your readers and hold it for long. Further, video integration can help improve content quality. Modern flipbook software can facilitate you to add your Vimeo and YouTube library to your publications.

  1. Text search

Unlike paper publication, the reader can search for a word or topic within a digital publication using the search feature fast and easily. A reader does not have to skim the entire publication to search for a text.

  1. Quick indexing at major search engines

It is very important for a business to get indexed at major search engines like Google. If your potential customers can’t find your business online, they won’t be turning into an actual customers. The good thing is flipbooks get quickly indexed at major search engines.

This simply implies when someone tries to find something related to your publications they will find your publications in the search engine result pages (SERPs) as well. This will result in more traffic and business for you.

  1. Custom-made

You can customize your flipbooks with the colors and theme of your choice. You can customize it so that it can best suit the theme of your website.

When the theme of your website and flipbook match, it will create an enticing effect on your website visitor.

  1. Link integration

Link integration is a powerful way to direct more traffic to your business. You can embed links to an affiliate site, or you can embed within the different pages of your publication. You can embed in your publication to a site that provides more info about your products and services. You can embed the publication’s link in your email signature.

  1. Share on social sites

As soon as your publication is ready, you can share it on social sites. This is a great way to leverage the huge traffic present at social sites like Facebook &Twitter.

Your readers can also email the publication to their friends.

Above mentioned features can surely bring a lot of potential customers to your business. Other than huge traffic, you can save a lot of money with digital publication. You can save on printing & distribution expenditure.

A flipbook is easy to create and provides a lot of advantages. In the present time, if you search on the web you will find a lot of flipbook software for Mac providers that offer a free trial. You can avail of this trial to know other benefits and features of the flipbook software which are missed out on in this write-up. 

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