14 Habits that make you Super Successful in Life

Success is subjective. Some may want off the charts fame, while others may desire to save enough to travel, buy a house, or pile up on educational degrees. The list of life goals is endless. But one thing remains constant in each pursuit - habits that set the stage for success.

All successful people swear by a bunch of good, positive habits which they combine with endless and rigorous efforts. From magnetic entrepreneurs to captivating creatives, all implement some or all of these success habits.

Unaware of these secret mantras to glory?

Here is a roundup of those ultra-positive habits of successful people.

  1. Follow a Routine
  2. Read something or the other
  3. Workout without fail
  4. Practice positivity
  5. Focus on self-care & overall wellness
  6. Focused thinking helps
  7. Network mindfully
  8. Develop creative facilities
  9. Work towards your goals
  10. Constant improvement
  11. Continuous learning
  12. Time management with productivity enhancement
  13. Benefit by taking breaks
  14. Embrace failures

Let’s expand on each habit to know enough about it.

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Follow a routine

Jack Dorsey is the epitome of the success that comes from having a productive daily routine. In an interview with Techonomy, he explains how he thematically plans out his week to put in 16 hours at work daily. His week is themed and has a place for both his companies with enough room to disconnect and recharge. This shows that a lot can happen with planning and following a routine.

Success comes to those who plot and then meticulously execute their planning. This planning is feasible only if implemented regularly. Dorsey advocates that self-discipline and practice is the right way to go about it. Therefore, having a brilliant routine becomes the primary habit of all successful people.

A dedicated routine can do wonders to-

  • Save time
  • Shape your life positively
  • Give you room to follow every pursuit
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Bring a sense of organization and discipline
  • Break bad habits
  • Make you more efficient

Therefore, it is ideal that you have a routine in place. Schedule and time activities mindfully and find time for everything that matters.

Read something or the other

Most entrepreneurs and billionaires are voracious readers. For instance, Bill Gates reads a book every week and Mark Cuban dedicates at least three hours per day to reading. Why? Because apart from multiplying knowledge, reading actually improves your brainpower. It influences your cognitive skills, improves memory, sparks new ideas, and adds to your literacy, making you smarter every day. This makes it an unquestionable habit of all successful people.

So try to inculcate the habit of reading. If you are totally strange to the practice, select your favorite genre, and start small by reading one page a day.

To reap the maximum benefits, indulge in reading about your industry and niche. Read relevant and educational material.

This is a good way to be abreast of all the latest news and recognize trends.

Workout without fail

Billionaires like Jack Dorsey, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg have a super hack to success: exercise.

Mark Zuckerberg works out at least three times a week. Oprah Winfrey intends to be active for the most part of her day. Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey resorts to exercise as a way to disconnect and replenish from his hectic life. Meditation and a dedicated 20 minutes exercise regime work wonders for him. The takeaway for us? Regular workout for a strong body and agile mind.

Endless research and studies have established a connection between an active body and a sharp mind. Clearly, a workout regime not only spikes up the feel-good neurotransmitter - dopamine but also brings about mental stimulation.

Inculcate this positive habit used by all successful people for personal and professional advancement.

Practice Positivity

The power of positive thinking is harnessed by all successful people. A positive attitude is the core element that makes or breaks most of your habits. When you leverage your mind to think positively, you stay happier with an abundance of free-flowing thoughts. Moreover, the overthinking that comes from pessimism is disposed of for good. Consequently, you become more action-oriented, truly limitless, and confident in life.

Focus on self-care and overall wellness

Successful habits are not only about routine or work attitude. They should equally focus on overall wellness and self-care. This wellness must involve all aspects of mental health and physical health.

Such practices of taking care of the self are followed by successful people worldwide. Steve Jobs practices zen meditation to destress and lead a more satisfying life. The fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt prioritizes sleep to increase his efficiency on the track.

There is no one size fits all approach to wellness. Thereby, creating a robust plan of action that serves your goals and general well-being.

 Focused thinking helps

Focused thinking is simply the most attentive and conscious state of mind. In a nutshell, it is about having a one-track mind, free from distractions. It helps to make better decisions and learn skills better and faster. It is contrary to diffused thinking, that allows you to look at the bigger picture. With focused thinking, you concentrate on the matters at hand.

Most successful people practice focused thinking for at least 30 minutes daily. It is a great way to analyze different aspects of personal and professional life. It is linked with improved and successful problem solving, leading to better results.

Network Mindfully

A big business strategy of all successful people is that they network seamlessly. They associate with those who kindle inspiration and new ideas. They erect a circle that is equally profitable to their business and personal development. It is because positive, driven and goal-oriented people have a sound effect on major domains of your life like personality and motivation. Therefore, build a network of such people who inspire you to become a better version of yourself. Seek the company of successful people and build healthy relationships with those who inspire.

Develop Creative Facilities

Creativity plays a major part in shaping up your ideas and habits. Even with a dominant analytical side, you use up some part of your creativity day-to-day. As a success habit, it is time you focus on getting more creative. Why? Because creativity sparks new ideas, solutions, career prospects, problem-solving attitude, improves productivity and efficiency.

Most successful entrepreneurs fill their free slots with gardening, reading, songwriting, golfing, traveling, and doing DIY projects.

Just like all successful people have a creative outlet, look for ways tounlock your hidden creative powers. 

Work towards your goals

Successful people devote ample time to plan and then work towards their goals. Their mantra to success knows only deliberate practice and repeated attempts.

American swimming sensation, Michael Phelps swears by long term goal making. He ardently made goals, visualized them, worked hard, and won 28 Olympic medals.

 This step calls for never-ending struggles, a positive mindset, and an undying passion. 

Constant improvement

Successful people know their strengths and weaknesses. They put in the energy to improve skills and get out of their comfort zone to become more open and willing to new experiences. This is because every new opportunity is a learning event.

It is practice, combined with constant efforts and intelligence that makes you stand out from the crowd. For this, work on your strengths just like all successful people. Find a passion and stick to it. Make regular attempts to realize your vision into reality and discover ways to improve. Be better than you were yesterday.

Continuous learning

One of the most exceptional habits of successful people is that they never stop learning. They eagerly seek new learning opportunities to build their skill sets and keep up with changing trends. Develop this habit of finding new arenas to gain knowledge and commit to the habit of continuous learning. Don't just settle for college degrees and work on improving your skills. This process has become even more simplified with the onset of modern skills sharing app. Meet new people and reap the benefits of social learning to strengthen this success habit of continuous learning.

Time management with productivity enhancement

A successful person knows how to manage his time well. He/she is mindful of every activity that consumes the daily schedule. This helps to achieve more in a limited time frame. Therefore, get introduced to the practice of time management and optimize your schedule by making changes (if required).

Apart from time management, knowledge of productivity enhancers contributes a lot. Introspect and ask yourself questions like "how can I become more productive?"

Put enough research and you will find numerous methods and techniques that work for you.

Benefit by taking breaks

While all the other tips help you become more with your goals, this tip advises you to slow down every now and then. While preparing a daily plan of action, successful people employ breaks judiciously. As productivity enhancers, breaks help you to work without losing focus and rejuvenates you from time to time. As a healthy practice, get to know about your concentration levels and appoint breaks in your schedule. This way you can keep your energy strong and get work done faster. 

Embrace failures

Successful people also celebrate their failures. They take them sportingly like valuable life lessons and learn from them. You should harbor such a mind-frame too. Live in the moment, make each attempt count and learn from previous errors. Such a mindset blooms from positive thinking. Be open and accepting of challenges, take risks, and don't be afraid to fail. Everything is a learning opportunity in itself.

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