Extreme Camping

Camping experiences can become routine over time. However, taking away some comfort and bringing in some risk can add a whole new momentum to it. Adrenaline is rising, danger lurking around, and for you, it's pushing yourself to the limit. Welcome to extreme camping!


There are various forms of camping such as RVing, canoe camping, backpacking, and the likes. But what makes for extreme camping?


Whatever form of camping you choose to have, it must not involve putting your life in danger. Therefore, extreme camping is more about the location you choose than the actions you carry out.


Besides, where and how you lay down your head at nightfall differentiates between the bold and beautiful. Unlike many other forms of camping where you try to keep things as cozy as possible, the reverse is the case here.

So, if you've got the guts for it, we are also ready to nudge you. Here are a few suggestions of camping places that amount to going extreme.

  • Sleep in the trees: monkeys may get company, but that's not the purpose. Picture these. Have the best sleeping pad for hammock camping hanging on a tree with a good height above the ground like a spider's cocoon. You wanted extreme, and that's one that you should try!
  • Polar Regions: If you don't have skin as thick as the polar bear, you must be nimble-witted to see this through. The ice is your companion, and the cold winds will sing you a lullaby, that's if you haven't frozen. But you're up for the challenge with thermal items like clothing, high-fat foods, and other tools. How about digging right in the snow and setting up your camp? You would need a moderately strong tent that can hold its own. Fairbanks in Alaska and Yellowknife city of Canada are good summer destinations if you're up for this.
  • Tent on wheels: Drive into the wild and set up camp between the blue sky and your wheels. There can be few experiences more fulfilling than that.
  • Try a cave: Loving the Batman franchise isn't just enough. Living the cave life for a day or two requires some guts. Bats, crawling insects, snakes, and other creatures are there to keep you on the watch. Just do well to keep the fire on always.
  • Blizzards are it: You may want to do this in your truck. But we are talking extreme here, aren't we? If you must do this, ensure you have the appropriate kit and tent. Remember that this isn't about practically throwing caution to the wind. 

Progression in risk level is advisable in extreme camping. Besides, expert tips and high-quality gears are crucial to a safe experience. Not to worry, you can get all these with a click at campingspark.com.


Although we call it extreme, it isn't about getting careless. There is the need to possess some survival skills through lots of training. Besides, before embarking on this sort of camping, ensure that you have no life-threatening condition which such an expedition can aggravate.

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