4 Must-Have Experiences in Tamil Nadu on your Next Vacation

Tamil Nadu happens to be a true traveller’s delight. This is because this southern state of India is adorned with art and architecture on every street corner. Besides this, the natural beauty found in its hill stations, beaches, and forests create the perfect ambience for a rejuvenating vacation. The ideal time to plan a trip here is in the winter months when the temperatures are cool, and the scope of humidity is fairly less. So, booking a tour package from a reputed travel company should be done keeping this aspect in mind. Mentioned below are four must-have experiences that you should have on your next vacation in Tamil Nadu: 

Discover the Simplicity of Pondicherry

The former French colony, Pondicherry, officially termed as Puducherry, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is because of colonial architectural marvels in the region, unique delicacies, and pleasant atmosphere that travellers from all over the world spend some quality time here. The city is best explored either on foot or a bicycle. For those interested in Gothic architecture, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus should be explored. For spiritual awakening, meditation, and yoga, Sri Aurobindo Ashram can be visited during your trip as well. 

Marvel at Ancient Architecture in Thanjavur 

Thanjavur used to be the capital city of the glorious Chola empire. The Dravidian architectures can still be seen in the many temples and forts found all over this city. Amongst the most famous ones are Brihadeeswara Temple, Shri Airavatesvara Temple, Vellai Vinayakar Koil, etc. As most of these temples worship Lord Shiva, devotees from all corners of the country are welcomed throughout the year. Tiruchirappalli International Airport is the closest airport near this city, however, there are four railway stations (including Thanjavur Junction) in and around this city.

Relish Luxury Dining and Shopping in Chennai 

Visiting Tamil Nadu without paying a visit to its capital is not something that you should do. As one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities, Chennai should be on your itinerary come what may. Be it taking a walk on the Marina beach or appreciating the serenity of Thalankuppam Pier, this city has a lot to offer. Famous shopping malls like Phoenix MarketCity that hosts designer labels, fine-dining restaurants, and luxury spas should be dedicated an entire day on your vacation in Tamil Nadu. 

Take a Fresh Breath of Air in the Hills of Ooty

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, there lies a hill station that has played the perfect backdrop of several Bollywood and Tollywood movies. Ooty has a unique charm that cannot be found in any other hill station. As a resort town, staying at luxurious property should be a part of your itinerary to relax and unwind with the best amenities. Our recommendation would be to enjoy a ride on the Nilgiris Toy Train, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that offers unforgettable views of the Western Ghats. Other activities that can help in connecting with nature is trekking, birdwatching, and camping in the forest area. 

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