Ping Pong Tables Can Affect the Level of Your Game

Given the amount of time many families have spent at home this year because of COVID-19 quarantine, there has been an explosion of interest in table tennis. In many homes, a butterfly ping pong table has been the ideal solution because it takes up less space when not in use. Tables at the lower end of the price range are good choices if they have decent quality. But you may want to consider stepping up to a better table if you're becoming more serious about your game. Intermediate and advanced level players prefer better tables for the apparent reasons, including stability, surface, and other related factors.

For most people, buying a rack and possibly a table are the first steps once they've decided they have a sustained interest in playing ping pong. If you're taking these steps and improving your game, you can begin learning more about technique and, for example, putting speed and spin on the ball. While rackets figure into these most prominently, the table and its quality also can be a factor. The table surface causes the ball to react in specific ways, and more expensive tables support more advanced play. Ping pong is a famously strategic game, and players leverage many factors to defeat opponents.

Learning about various table tennis strokes and the shots they produce is also a fun part of learning more about the game. You'll need to master many of them to improve your play level and become a more formidable ping pong player. While many people try to learn by playing practice games, you can get ahead by also adding training to your routine. It isolates specific skills and adds drills to help you master them. For example, building your skills with footwork drills can mean a lot when you're in the middle of a competitive game up against a worthy opponent. You need every advantage you can get.

As much as putting a spin on the ball is a popular technique in table tennis play, you also need to learn to play against anti-spin. Some players use rubbers on their racket blades to change the direction of the spin you place on the ball – ping pong is a strategic sport with many nuances and variations. Deciding on table tennis rubbers is a significant decision. They are selected based on your playing style and the shots you want to make. It's also crucial to understand what your opponent is doing and how his decisions about equipment and playing style affect what you're up against.

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