What are the different versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners

Microsoft has been upgrading its technical support to offer its dynamics partners with more considerable and comprehensive experience. Partnersource is a part of its technical support provider, which will offer Microsoft Dynamics Partners to submit requests for technical support.

The Factors of Selecting A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner


Various Dynamics partners are specialized only on a specific product, or on a compact subset of products. Like, there are partners specializing in only CRM, and some others specializing in only ERP. With the development of the product provides, a significant percentage of partners might be further sub-specialized to specific components of CRM or ERP.

While businesses, in general, are about Sales | Purchase | Financial Accounting | Manufacturing | Distribution – every industry segment has its own uniqueness, which becomes critical to address for a Business Application to succeed.

Just as the numeral of ‘flying hours logged’ is an important measure of a pilot’s capability, the numeral of implementation projects executed is a scale of a partner organization’s competence. Try to evaluate the size and difficulty of projects undertaken by your partner. Every project drives a new experience.

Talk over with your partner in detail the project methodology they are going to acquire. It’s very simple to have an exterior conversation about project methodology, but the problem is in detail. Interrogate your partner to explain to you various stages of the methodology in detail, the templates, process documents to be used, and Ask for samples from previous project artifacts.

Post-go-live support is vital for every enterprise application. Most ERP CRM solutions need ongoing support for – expand, bug-fixing, user training, etc. Understand the processes and tools your partner is going to use for providing you with ongoing support

The technology and product landscape have transformed dramatically in the last few years. Organizations need to go beyond the conventional borders of ERP CRM and use diverse technologies ranging from Analytics to AI.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Features

  1. Initial to Final integration with all Microsoft ERP, CRM BI App suites
  2. Dependable Microsoft Dynamics business platform
  3. Implementation with Power Platform
  4. A large bouquet of applications with flawless Office 365 integration
  5. Reliable Microsoft Cloud technology
  6. Software and services are always up to date
  7. Device Independent: Use on Mac/PC/smartphone/tablet
  8. Great expansion opportunities with Microsoft business suites
  9. End of worries of on-premise infrastructure maintenance
  10. Pay as you go licensing and deployment options
  11. Fast and cost-effective implementation

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